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The Darkest Hour Is Before The Dawn

I know, I know. The site is impossible to get to. The podcast is impossible to download. Such is the price of success. You should see what's happening over at systm. I'm really sorry - we're working to fix this as fast as we can, but the bandwidth usage seems to double every week.

The good news is that we are very close to a deal that will give us unlimited bandwidth (without sacrificing our integrity - no Paris Hilton promos, I promise). And lots of people are coming forward with offers of bandwidth and other solutions.

I've received a very kind offer from the folks to host the TWiTcasts there, as well. Click the OurMedia link for any of the six episodes. I'll make sure the new episodes get posted there each week - although I think there's a little bit of a lag making them public:

If you have a BitTorrent client, there are lots of seeds and downloads are very fast.


There's a new P2P kid in town called Dijjer. It's like BitTorrent but is much simpler for users and has fewer firewall issues. If you'd like to try it click the link below. You'll be instructed on how to install the Dijjer plug-in for Windows, Mac, or Linux. (There seems to be a problem with the plug-in and Tiger, but the Windows version works fine for me.) If people like this we'll offer it as yet another way to get the TWiTcast.

Episode 6 Dijjer Style

And thanks to all the folks who have put up mirrors, links, etc. You're really helping out.

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