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Bad News... and Good News

(This dispatch was sent as we're steaming into the Helsinki harbor - 4:49A local time.) The bad news is that Patrick fell asleep while trying to edit TWiT 12. He's going home and will come back and finish it later. The good news is that AOL Radio has very generously agreed to host the high quality MP3 feed. The posting process isn't finalized yet, but once it is your downloading problems will be over. I will move the main feed at off Coral and onto AOL's servers. Should make things much more reliable. To calm people's fears - this will not change things for you in any way. You will not be required to sign up for anything, nor will you have to listen to AOL radio. The feed will work exactly as before with no action required on your part. The folks at AOL just like TWiT and wanted to support it. As a side note - those of you having difficulty with iTunes subscriptions should probably start using the main feed, too. We'll let you know when 12 is ready to download.
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