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Allyn joins Patrick on TWiCH

Allyn Malventano

When we heard from Ryan Shrout that he had accepted a job at Intel as Chief Performance Strategist, we were bummed. Then we were excited Allyn Malventano, also from PC Perspective, was interested and available to take over Ryan's co-hosting of This Week in Computer Hardware with Patrick Norton. Read Ryan's blog post on if you'd like to learn more about his decision to go to Intel.

What you might not know about Allyn is he ran reactor plants on nuclear submarines. He retired from the Navy after over 20 years and had experience with reactor plant electronics, computer network defense, and software reverse engineering. He also developed troubleshooting techniques for nuclear reactor plants in submarines and created and managed the construction of the Navy’s first and only forensic SAN.

Allyn is the Technology Analyst at PCPer, and his specialty is developing in-house testing and benchmarking solutions. He has an acute knowledge of how chips work and the limitations they face. The work he has done lead to performance improvements in products from many suppliers including Intel, Samsung, Western Digital, Micron, Seagate, Toshiba, Kingston, Marvell, Drobo, Phison, and Silicon Motion. 

Allyn stepped in many times on TWiCH and appeared on TWIT and The New Screen Savers as well. We're excited to have him join Patrick Norton permanently on the show. If you haven't done it yet, make sure you subscribe to the podcast.

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