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All Feeds Are Currently Down

My apologies - Friday the 13th struck hard this morning. A hard drive failed on one of my servers and is awaiting replacement. Currently,, and, are limping along as read-only servers. and the TWiT forums are on a different server and are unaffected. Unfortunately all the TWiT feeds are stored on, so I haven't been able to update them since this morning. As you can see I have posted six new netcasts today, including Windows Weekly, FLOSS Weekly, the Daily Giz Wiz, and three TLR episodes. You can listen to them here, or download the MP3 files, but iTunes and other netcast catchers won't be updated until my host, (The Planet in case you'd like to know who to avoid in future), gets off its duff and replaces the drive. I do have full backups of all the data so nothing is lost and we should be able to get the Town Square message boards, the KFI Show Notes, the the podcast feeds up and running within a few minutes of the hardware repair. Needless to say, I'm on the market for a new hosting company.

Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: The Planet finally got a new drive in and the OS loaded a mere 12 hours after the initial failure. I'm out of town (on TravelLodge wi-fi) so it's a little tricky getting everything restored. Right now I don't have access to the server at all due to an out-of-date CPanel license. Once they fix this license problem I'm going to try to get things back up before my radio show starts at 11a Pacific. The feeds are job one, of course. Everything should be back sometime today. I hope.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Due to continuing inept support from The Planet I've bought two new Woodcrest servers at Softlayer (should be a significant speed upgrade, by the way). It will take them a couple of hours to provision them, but I'm on the air on KFI until about 4p Pacific so I won't be able to get things started until then. Looks like an all-nighter ahead.

Monday Morning UPDATE: Things are looking up. The .am registrar has changed the DNS info so the feeds should be back up any time. Full details are available on my blog. Thanks for your patience and all the offers of help, hosting, and advice. I really appreciate it!

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