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Ahhh, Mondays....

I wanted to get this blog rolling by saying hello to everyone tuning into the weekly Podcasts. We have experimented with various forms of VOIP, and our quest for decent audio quality (with 5+ users) continues.

My day job at PC keeps me very busy -- I'm in charge of the HDTV Lab and this year is just getting started in terms of new products and technologies. I'm most excited by the industry's push for increased visual quality (color and resolution) as well as value -- Ex. the latest generation of plasma display panels (PDPs) are literally half the price of last year's models while offering significant improvements in the areas mentioned above.

PC hardware and gaming are still passions of mine. Actually, I could say that about most any interesting technology.

I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas in this forum and I'm glad you decided to participate in this adventure.

Until next time... rob't

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