Spencer Webb

Trained in electrical engineering at MIT (1979-1983), Spencer Webb spent eight years as an analog design engineer prior to finding and focusing on his passion: antennas.

Mr. Webb began his antenna consulting business circa 1991.  Early projects included working on low-earth-orbit satellite ground-station communications antennas for some of the first email-over-satellite projects to handle urgent medical communications.  He was able to successfully triple the data throughput of stations that were located in Africa and were required to used fixed, non-tracking antennas.

His work in the area of covert electronics for the law-enforcement and intelligence fields began in 1994, when Mr. Webb became the Senior Antenna Engineer for Dynatech Tactical Communications in Hudson, New Hampshire.  For the next six years, Mr. Webb developed a reputation for innovative and extremely efficient antenna designs for audio transmitters, video transmitters, beacons and tracking systems.

In 2000, Mr. Webb left DTC and started AntennaSys, Inc., with DTC as one of the first new clients.  Since that launch,  he has continued to design antennas for satellite communications, GPS, law enforcement surveillance applications, wireless video and tracking. 

Mr. Webb is retained as an antenna consultant for numerous product development companies incorporating embedded antennas in their products.  

Mr. Webb is a respected trainer for the U.S. Military in the area of improvised antennas.

As part of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, Mr. Webb helped to design a 40-pound satellite ground station which replaced a 400-pound suite of equipment.  This man-packable system has reached Phase Three of the SBIR program, and numerous systems have been sold to the U.S. Military.

Mr. Webb is a named inventor on over seventeen U.S. patents, and multiple international patents.

When not designing, prototyping and consulting on antennas, Mr. Webb is a dedicated husband and father to two kids who think that every home’s garage is meant to house a complete machine shop.  An Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator, callsign KW2S (formerly WA2BSR and WN2BSR), he's been licensed since 1977.  He is an avid photographer, competitive shooter, private pilot (PP-SEL, Glider, Instrument Airplane), and 2nd Dan Black Belt and Instructor in Taekwondo (WTF, Kukkiwon).