Robby Russell

Live in Portland, Oregon USA — and started a web design and development agency back in 2002. In late 2004, I began working with Ruby on Rails, which led to me starting a blog called “Robby on Rails ” in 2005. The business began to take off (insert several years of learning how to run/grow a consulting business) In 2009, I released the initial version of Oh My Zsh as a tool for a few of my employees and decided to open source it. Here is an article that I wrote that talked about how the project was started and evolved. (talks about how I didn’t start with big goals… and how the popular features of today such as plugins and themes came later) Other facts about me: - Been contributing/participating in open source late 90s. There are a few old repos lingering on sourceforge that I’m too embarassed to ever show anyone. - Co-started a Linux user group in 2001 in Portland - Have contributed to a number of project in the Ruby community, including Ruby on Rails - Writing instrumental/ambient music is an important side project of mine - Programming Perl sat on my desk for a number of years when I was working with Perl in the early 2000s. ;-) - First learned how to write software so that I could (fail to) sell punk band and activist stickers online in the late 90s.. now software (Oh My Zsh) that I’ve helped write sells stickers + t-shirts. Nearly one order per day! (have come full-circle)