Rebecca Rich

Rebecca Rich, KBØVVT, is presently working for Amazon as a software engineer.

Rebecca graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Science and Engineering, and the degree of Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  She also graduated from Stanford University earning a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree with emphasis in Biomedical Sensing and Imaging.

Both of Rebecca’s parents are amateur radio operators. Rebecca became interested in amateur radio while watching her mother study for her amateur radio license. Rebecca’s father developed a computer program to help her mother study amateur radio. Rebecca began playing with the program, and along with help from her parents, she started learning the material. Rebecca earned her Technician Class license when she was seven years old. This accomplishment was overshadowed because she would soon pass all written and code exam requirements, including the 20 word per minute code exam, to earn the Extra Class license when she was just eight years old. Rebecca is proud to tell people that she has been an amateur radio operator for more than half of her life. Rebecca’s 2004 Dayton Youth Forum presentation was entitled “Half My Life in Amateur Radio.”