Radford Castro

Radford Castro is the programmer and lead editor for the Lazy Tech Guys. Since 1995, he has coded for the web since the days when Netscape dominated the browser market. He has worked in various companies ranging from several startups to large enterprises heavily armed with senior experience as a lead designer, business analyst, systems programmer and database administrator. Closely working with top executives and key stakeholders, Radford has helped variety of companies, dealing with various teams from various marketspaces that are specialized (but not limited to) retail, medical, logistics and security. His prior stint was Chief Web Architect for Homeland Security where he designed the Pipeline Application – a financial compliance tool which helped the Coast Guard certify funds in the hundreds of millions. The app led to the Joel Magnussen Innovation Award given by Commandant Thad Allen. Radford is also a published author under the book Let Me Play: Stores of Gaming and Emulation and is working towards his second book.

In 2010, Radford founded Lazy Tech Guys with Victor Bognot and Sean Wilburn under the notion of providing content for lazy techies and shortcuts. Since then, the site has gone through several designs, angles, etc.

At Lazy Tech Guys, Radford specializes in Microsoft technologies, social networking, business analysis, tech policy, internet security, interactive entertainment and anything intriguing.

During his spare time, Radford enjoys spending time with his wife Odessi and his two children.

You can follow him on Twitter @Radcastro as well as his website.