Paul Zenk

Lighting is everything, cinematography brings it home.

After graduating from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, with a B.S. in Film and Television Production, Paul moved to Hollywood, California, primarily working as a Director of Photography.

Working on hundreds of projects throughout his career, Paul has a wide-ranging breadth of experience and knowledge as a Director of Photography on both small-scale productions as well as large, multimillion-dollar projects. These projects frequently require different skill sets, and through necessity, he has learned these skill sets, which have added to the production value of each project that he has undertaken.

Working in Hollywood allowed Paul to learn from the very best in the film and television industry. Hollywood is a place where production techniques and equipment technology are epitomized, allowing for the best possible learning, one in this business could effectively put to use. Because of these rare, yet fundamental learning experiences, Paul has been able to gain a knowledge of the film and TV industry, which has by far been the best training ground to take from and apply toward any job.

Whether it was filming on a set in Hollywood for the latest and must-have products for sale or making his way deep into the Everglades of Florida for "The Natures Series" produced by PBS, lighting and cinematography has become a way of life and a passion for which Paul strives to craft and create a fresh look for each project. He is currently working as the lighting director for TWiT, which serves over a dozen different shows, keeping Paul competent and at the very height of his game.