Lisa Bettany

Lisa Bettany is a Canadian tech entrepreneur & photographer. She is cofounder of the top-ranked photography iPhone & iPad app, Camera+ which has sold over 12 million copies and is the best-selling camera app of all-time. In June 2014, she released a follow-up camera app called MagiCam. In 2015, Lisa founded the Canadian app development company, CakeBytes Creative. Her first children’s game app, Poppets was released in November 2014 and covered in FastColabs & Digital Trends. Her most recent iPhone app, Vee for Video is due out in June 2015.

Lisa Bettany has received numerous accolades including, FastCompany’s illustrious Most Creative People in Business 1000, Business Insider’s Most Influential People in App Development, the Huffington Post’s Top 30 Most Influential Photographers on the Web and Forbes’s Top Female Tech Entrepreneur. She has been featured in Entrepreneur, Elle magazine, The New York Times, ABC News, Fast Company magazine, Fast Company Labs, Forbes, Business Insider, The Verge, TechCrunch, The Vancouver Sun, The Capital Magazine, Digital Trends, PetaPixel, PopSugar, & ShutterLove and made appearances on ABC’s Foreign Correspondent, Global TV news, and NPR’s On the Media.

The creation of the Camera+ App was a culmination of Bettany’s background in technology and photography. Introduced to an Apple computer at age two by her father, a University Professor and freelance programmer, Lisa grew up with a passion for technology and gadgets.

A former Canadian competitive figure skater, with an inspiring “never say never” personality, Lisa has motivated millions to creatively capture the moments of their lives by taking great photos. When Lisa suffered a tragic back-breaking figure skating accident nine years ago, she was forced to give up her Olympic dreams. Bed-ridden from her injury, a close friend loaned Lisa a camera as a method to heal and explore her creativity. In late 2006, she started posting her photo adventures on her blog,

As she recovered from her back injury, her blog began to gain notoriety for her photography, videos, and satirical technology posts. Bettany was asked to photograph events, musicians, actors and models and guest-host on a number of photography & technology podcasts & tv shows including, What’s Trending on CBS, TWiT, and Get Connected (Spike, CTV & BNN), TWiT Live Specials and MacBreak.

It was at MacWorld 2008, that Bettany met the iPhone development team of tap tap tap and the masterminds behind MacHeist, the Mac bundle software sales site with a spy motif. Lisa produced the promotional videos for MacHeist 3 and starred as Sophia the evil, yet loveable Russian spy. She reprised her role in the hit iPhone game, The Heist. This relationship led to the creation of Camera+, the ultimate iPhone photography app, which despite being kicked out of the app store for 4 months only 2 months after launch, has become the 10th best selling paid app of all-time.

Lisa is a graduate of the University of Victoria with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Journalism, and a Master’s degree in Linguistics with a research focus on early infant speech acquisition and acoustics. As a writer, Lisa has reported on technology, photography, and the 2010 Winter Olympics for The Vancouver Province.

Now with over 3 million+ followers on Google+, Facebook & Twitter, Lisa is sharing her photography tips and travels with millions, hoping to inspire others to capture memories and create beautiful photos with whatever camera they have. Lisa is currently writing her first iPhone photography book after traveling around the world with her iPhone.

Lisa now resides in Comox, BC with her husband, RCAF pilot, Tyler Miller. The two married in August, 2014.

If you’d like to contact Lisa, please use the contact form or email her at mostlylisa[at]gmail[dot]com.