Kevin Gamble

Kevin Gamble started his filmmaking career at the tender age of nine, shooting short movies on borrowed equipment. At age eleven, Kevin taught himself how to edit by sneaking into a government owned 3/4" linear suite after hours by bribing the evening janitor with pizza. By age fifteen, Kevin had parlayed his skills into a series of wins at student film festivals.

After graduating from Vancouver Film School's Foundation Film Program, Kevin worked 'on set' for a few years as a grip, lamp operator, camera operator, assistant director and finally as director of photography. Armed with new technical, logistics and creative skills, Kevin shifted from live-action to the then emerging field of 3D/CG animation. It also helped that he was a big nerd who was a fan of both computers and cartoons.

Kevin cut his teeth on some of the first television series created using computer graphics. His first six years in the CG world were spent with Canada's Mainframe Entertainment, where he quickly climbed the ranks to producer. While at Mainframe, Kevin worked on two feature-length projects and more than a hundred half-hour CG animated television episodes. He produced a one-hour CG animated Halloween special based on the Scary Godmother comic book by Jill Thompson, which was broadcast on YTV in Canada and Cartoon Network in the United States. Additionally, Kevin served as the animation producer for the third season of Max Steel for Sony Pictures/Columbia TriStar. During this time, he also quietly served as a game master for a secret order of nerds who played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons once a week in a small backyard shed. With the funny shaped dice and the little figures and everything. All the players told their wives and girlfriends they were “playing poker” on Thursday nights, when in fact they were slaying imaginary Orcs and Drow Elves. It was totally rad.

In 2003, Kevin went independent, choosing to focus on developing and selling his own properties. Within one year of this decision he had co-signed a development deal with MTV Animation and joined Vancouver-based SecondSun Entertainment as their Chief Creative Officer.

Kevin then joined up with Vancouver-based Nerd Corps Entertainment in 2005 as the Director of Development. There, he managed Nerd Corps' development slate, which included the 3D animated series Storm Hawks (which aired on Canada's YTV and on Cartoon Network in the United States). In addition to actively seeking new relationships and business opportunities for the company, Kevin also acted as animation producer for a CG short that was commissioned by Walt Disney Television Animation.

After his successful stint in development, Kevin returned to his first love - producing and telling great stories. He hooked up with Vancouver's Studio B Productions and acted as producer on the George of the Jungle series, a 52 x 11 minute flash reinvention on the Classic Media property.

Classic Media dug “George” so much that they hired Kevin to run their ongoing film & television efforts. Stationed in the New York office, Kevin produced several projects including the CG animated series Casper's Scare School, a Flash-animated DTV movie featuring Mr. Magoo, and three CG animated DTV Veggie Tales movies. In addition to his production roles, Kevin spearheaded Classic's TV & film development efforts.

In November of 2009, Kevin was hired by Walt Disney Television Animation to be the Vice President of Development. Stationed on the Disney Lot in Burbank, California, Kevin was charged with with developing animated series content for Disney's worldwide channels such as Disney Channel and Disney XD. He got a slick professional headshot that his friends teased him mercilessly about, traded his Chuck Taylors for leather dress shoes, tucked in his shirt, and moved from the animation trenches to the ivory towers of the world's biggest media company.

It took less than a year for Kevin to realize that he was, in fact, much better at making cartoons than he is trying to act all grown-up and serious in a very fancy boardroom.

Kevin has since returned to wearing Chuck Taylors, and is available for consulting, creative development, freelance producing, and the like. If you're buying, he's also available for cocktails.