Jenn Cutter

Jenn Cutter started gaming with an old Intellivision lying around the house and has not stopped since. OpenAlpha was created out of the desire to share her love of gaming with more than her semi-uninterested friends. The first episode was released on July 20th, 2005 and almost instantly amassed an international following that grew exponentially over the next sixteen episodes. OpenAlpha’s popularity led to regular appearances on Call For Help with Leo Laporte. Jenn has appeared on G4TechTV, CP24, HowTo Australia, and TVTokyo. She’s also contributed to This Week In Tech, Hak.5, and Three Moves Ahead.

As a stereotypical Canadian, Jenn says ‘eh’ and plays an astounding amount of hockey. Competing at the provincial and national level helped her hone her gaming chops since long trips distant provinces, states, and countries were made much easier with a Gameboy in hand. As a result of this she used to be able to name the original 151 Pokémon, in order. 152 if you count Missingno (and you shouldn’t). Fortunately, such trivia has been slowly pushed out of her brain and replaced by slightly more useful things like “how to cook more than cereal”.