Hugo Leisink

I'm the owner and only developer of the Hiawatha webserver. Other open source software I make: (Hiawatha and the Banshee PHP framework are my major projects). Other facts: I work in the information security business (consultant, security officer, etc), started playing with computers since I was 8 (am 41 now) started with the C64, did a lot of virus research in the MS-DOS era, lost interest in viruses when Windows 95 arrived because it was too easy, a few years later started with hacking and learning how to defend against hacking. Realized soon that 'the web' was the future and traditional client-server applications were not, so I started learning about web technology. Started Hiawatha for several reasons: wanted to learn C (did mostly Pascal and assembler before that), helped my fellow students to setup a linux router with cheap low performance hardware so Apache was too big for that, and Apache didn't gave me the feeling I was in full control. Enough reasons for me to write my own webserver. :) I'm also interested in privacy.