Frederik "Freso" S. Olesen

I'm employed as Community Manager for MetaBrainz Foundation as a whole, which really mostly means MusicBrainz as of now. I've been a volunteer at MusicBrainz myself for just over 10 years (since June 2006), in which time I've done almost all things one can do as a volunteer with the project: I've edited a bunch of data, I've submitted code patches to several of the code bases, I've been involved in a policy matters (mostly the "style" process), attended some summits (co-arranged/hosted one of them, in Copenhagen, Denmark), and probably a bunch of other things over the years. One of things I'm very happy to be able to do as the community manager, is that I've gotten MetaBrainz involved in the Google Code-in (last year was our first year, we're currently busy getting ready for our (hopefully!) second stint!) after many, many, many years of being part of Google Summer of Code. The other FLOSS projects I'm actively involved with right now are mostly Lutris and LOOT. The first project I was actively a part of was LiveJournal. Between then and now, I have also been big into Drupal (and actually worked professionally as a part-time Drupal dev for about a year). MusicBrainz has easily been what I've stuck to for the longest. I've also done a bunch of small-to-minor contributions to loads of other projects, like spelling fixes, grammar corrections, etc. But hey, I'm all about data, so obviously, I've charted some of my contributions on a data website:

Some unusual things about me: I'm a dancer - mostly b-boying/breaking (commonly known as "breakdancing", but b-boys generally frown upon usage of that term), but have also dabbled in a bunch of other dance styles. (My girlfriend is a huge fan of tango - I prefer to kizomba with her though.) I've also played folk/traditional music for over 15 years by now, started with Irish trad. music, but after a folk high school stay in 2003, I've mostly been doing Danish trad. music. I also recently (October 1st!) moved from Copenhagen where I've basically lived all my live to Barcelona, where MetaBrainz has an office.