David Reisner

David Reisner’s motion picture work emphasizes creative flexibility and best practices in image quality, color, workflow, DI, and digital and hybrid imaging in production, post-production, distribution, and exhibition for features. Digital cinema work also includes security, interoperability, and standards.

Reisner also works with producers, directors, and cinematographers to help them make the best choices for their shows in our rapidly changing technical environment.

Reisner has been Secretary of the ASC Technology Committee since its founding and is Secretary of the DI, Workflow, Advanced Imaging, and Camera subcommittees. He has been a principal in planning, designing, and creating the ASC Color Decision List (ASC CDL), the ASC-PGA Camera Assessment Series, and the ASC-DCI StEM (Standard Evaluation Material) test movie (screen credit—Test Design). He has been an officer of SMPTE digital cinema working groups during the entire development of digital cinema standards, and was Vice-Chair of the working groups that wrote the imaging standards. As Secretary and Vice-Chair of the Inter-Society Digital Cinema Forum (ISDCF) he had a principal role in design and execution of the 3D projection luminance demonstration. He was architect of proposed 2K and 4K proof-of-concept systems for DCI.

Work in other industries has included technical and business plans for internet-based music and movie distribution; computer hardware and software architecture (SGI, Sun Microsystems, etc.); and killer whale training.