David Akins

The radio bug first bit David in high school when some of his friends introduced him to CB radio. He went on to earn his Novice and Technician Amateur Radio licenses during his service in the Air Force a few years later. Two meter packet radio caught his eye in the late 80’s and kept him absorbed for over a decade until it faded from popularity in the early 2000’s. A move to Long Beach brought W6RO, the Wireless Room aboard the Queen Mary to his attention, and he joined the crew in 1993. As older members of the Wireless Room crew retired, he took the job of QSL Officer in 2006, then Assistant Manager in 2009. He finally made the effort and earned his Extra license in 2012.

David was selected to succeed the legendary Nate Brighten (K6OSC/SK), when he chose to retire in 2013 after serving as Founder and Station Manager of the Wireless Room for nearly 35 years.

David has always kept a VHF/UHF rig in the car and almost always has an HT on his belt. You can often find him on one of the Long Beach area repeaters. He and his lovely and radio-tolerant Wife live in a neighboring town. They enjoy hiking, bicycling and camping together, and he often brings a radio along during those activities. He plans to master and become active on CW after retirement.