Dan Hendricks

Dan Hendricks is one of the main reasons the TWiT chat room is such a safe, clean, and family-friendly place to be.

Dan got involved in Leo's chat room right at it's inception on January 3, 2004. He had been a big fan of Leo on TechTV, and even did a segment on-air with him on ripping music from CDs to lossless audio. At the time, that wasn't so easy to do. He also had been very active on Leo's forum, with 10,000 posts to his name!

In the first email Dan ever sent to Leo in the TechTV days, he asked if Leo ever wanted an IRC chat for his forum. Instead, Leo wound up needing one for his radio show about a year later. Dan was one of the first to join that chat room, and talked Leo into making him the head moderator. As TWiT grew, so did the team of moderators. Now they have an active roster of around 16 mods keeping the chat safe for people of all ages.

Dan works as a Network Administrator in Minneapolis, but travels very frequently. He's been to San Francisco 9 times since 2006, and went to Paris in April 2012. He plans to make it out to Japan in 2013.

Next time you're in the chat room, you can say "hello" to Dan! Thanks to Dan and the rest of the moderators, it's a great place to participate in the community.