Brian Grant

I previously worked on Borg, Omega, and related projects at Google. Before that, my background was in compilers, multi-threading, and high-performance computing. I’ve been programming since I was 10, and I started with machine code (hexadecimal -- not assembly).

As we’ve been saying for a while now, Google runs virtually everything in containers. It was fortuitous that containers started to catch on in the external community around the same time we started to talk about how to apply our internal cluster-management expertise, which is very container-centric, to our Cloud effort.

I’ve benefited a lot from open-source software in my career, so I’m happy to have an opportunity to give back. I’ve also really enjoyed working with the open-source community and interacting directly with our users.

In fact, that interaction is what finally drove me to sign up for Twitter. Before the Kubernetes project, I had never used Twitter. I never had the time, and I was more interested in how Twitter worked than in what I could do with it.