Bill Sanders

Perl was Bill’s first love, though it’s been many years since he’s written more than 5 lines of it. Of course, what can’t you do in 5 lines of Perl? The “camel book” and the “llama book” were where I first learned to love programming. Stacki is a fork of the Rocks Cluster management software, and one of our founders was actually on this show in 2008 (“only” 400 episodes ago; episode 30) to discuss it. Nearly all of the original Rocks developers now work at StackIQ and the codebases have diverged quite a bit over the past few years. StackIQ (the company that produces Stacki) is based in Solana Beach, in beautiful San Diego, CA. Stacki is written 95% in Python, with other performance relevant bits (such as the Avalanche installer) being written in C. It’s currently written in Python 2.6 (which we package and install separate from the system Python), but some of the developers are planning on staging a coup to port it to 3.6.