Benoit Minisini

My name is Benoît Minisini. I am a french man born in 1972, living in Paris. Programming is one my passion since I was twelve, and is now my job for many years now. This passion started with the Basic language on a CPC Amstrad 464, and later on an Atari 520 STE. I was always fond of writing languages, compilers, assemblers, and interpreters. I wrote a Z80 assembler on Amstrad and an interpreted language that consumed all its memory. Later, during my studies at the E.P.I.T.A., I wrote a Lisp interpreter under Windows©®™ 3.1©®™. During six months, I discovered Windows©®™, its stupid memory model, the Microsoft©®™ C compiler, and its numerous bugs. Thanks to Linux and the Free software movement, I don't have to use Windows anymore for years, and today, I keep on raging with the Gambas language, contributing with my own experience to the free software world.