How to Watch TWiT on Computers

You can watch or listen to any of our podcasts on your laptop or desktop computer. The options listed below are just some of the many ways to watch or listen to TWiT.



Note: The Apple TV Mac app does not support viewing podcasts.


Smart Speakers

Although not technically "computers", you can listen to TWiT podcasts on several brands of smart speakers.

Amazon Alexa

  • You can hear full episodes by saying, "Alexa, play [NAME OF TWiT PODCAST] on TuneIn."
  • You can also install the TWiT Flash Briefing skill and get short clips from various TWiT podcasts in your daily Flash Briefing news. The skill is available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and India.


  • You can hear full episodes by saying, "Hey Google, play [NAME OF TWiT PODCAST] podcast."