How to Listen to TWiT on Smartphones

The easiest way to get TWiT podcasts on your smartphone is to subscribe through a podcatcher or podcast app. iPhones come with Apple Podcasts installed or you can get Downcast. Android phones can use apps such as Podcast Addict.

There are other great apps for both platforms including Pocket Casts for audio and video, Overcast, or Spotify for audio-only, and many more. See the full list of our Recommended Podcast Apps and RSS links below.

How to Subscribe

  1. Go to your podcast app
  2. Search for the TWiT show you'd like to subscribe to: This Week in Tech, MacBreak Weekly, Security Now, This Week in Space, etc.
  3. Click on the "subscribe" or "follow" button

Recommended Podcast Apps (in alphabetical order)

Apple Podcasts - for iOS audio & video

Castbox - for Android and iOS audio-only

Downcast - for iOS audio & video

iHeartRadio - for Android and iOS audio-only

Overcast - for iOS audio-only

Pocket Casts - for Android and iOS audio & video

Podcast Addict - for Android audio & video

Spotify - for Android and iOS audio-only

RSS Feeds

We provide industry standard playlist files, called "RSS Feeds", for all of our podcasts. These RSS feed URLs, offering either audio or video subscriptions, can be copied and pasted into any podcatcher. You can find a full list of our current shows and their RSS feeds on our Subscribe page. Most of our feeds allow you to access the ten most recent episodes. (For older episodes, you can find them on the website.)

Audio or Video?

We produce multiple feeds for each of our podcasts. The available feeds depend on the app. (Many apps only support audio podcast feeds.)

  • Audio: 64 kbps MP3 audio file. Recommended for commuters, bandwidth capped subscribers, or anyone who only plans to listen to a podcast.
  • Video: 1280x720 MP4 video file. High definition video files that are great for visual-heavy podcasts.