Welcome to Club TWiT

Thank you for joining Club TWiT. Check your email for information on how to get started.

To Subscribe to Ad-Free Podcast Feeds

  1. Access your account and select "Podcasts".
  2. Select the podcast to which you would like to subscribe from the dropdown list.
  3. If you are doing this on your phone, you can select a podcast player to add the podcast to your app. If you are doing this on your desktop, you can select your preferred podcast player from the dropdown and scan the QR code with your phone...or you can click one of the app icons to subscribe on your computer.
    • Some podcast players such as Google Podcasts and Overcast are not compatible with video podcasts.
    • Club TWiT's private, members-only feeds are not compatible with Spotify, Stitcher, and Podbean.
  4. Follow the prompts and the podcast feed will be added to your podcast app.
  5. If your preferred app is not listed, you can copy the link at the bottom, go into your app, and paste the link where you would manually add a new podcast.

To Join the Discord Server

  1. Authorize "Memberful Bot" to access your Discord account. This will allow Memberful (our membership platform) to add you to the TWiT Discord server.
  2. Once you've been added to the TWiT Discord server, you should see it listed in your server list every time you log into Discord for as long as you're a Club TWiT member.
  3. Be sure to check out the "rules" channel and then enjoy chatting with fellow TWiT fans in the "clubhouse" channel!

If you have questions, please refer to our Club TWiT FAQ.