There are many TWiT apps designed for almost every platform. All of them were created by fans - none of the apps currently available are "official." Here are links to the current apps we know about. If we're missing any, submit them using this form to be considered for inclusion on this list.

Laptop or Desktop:

NameLive or On DemandInformation siteLIVEOn Demandour full site...that you're looking at now! siteLIVEour alternative live site siteLIVEaudio-only live stream
YouTube siteOn Demandprevious episodes are available to watch on YouTube
iTunesOn Demandfree Apple-created software (Mac OS or Windows)
TWiT Deck appLIVEfree app by Wessley Mitchell (Windows) Media Player appLIVEOn Demand99¢ app by IF-Zone (Windows 10 PC & Mobile)
TWiT View appLIVEOn Demand99¢ app by RLB Labs (Windows) appLIVEOn Demandfree app by ShiftKeySoftware (Mac OS)
Floating for TWiT Chrome appLIVEfree Chrome app by vlgalik (Chrome browser or Chrome OS only)


NameLive or On DemandInformation
Apple TV (4th generation)AirPlayOn Demandon demand under "Podcasts"; live only via AirPlay from iOS apps
LIVEOn Demandfree TWiT Network app by Intentionally Blank
LIVEOn Demandfree app by ShiftKeySoftware
LIVEOn Demandfree Channel TWiT app by Code Monkey Labs, LLC
LIVEOn Demand99¢ TWiT on TV app by If Then Dev, LLC
LIVEOn Demand99¢ podTube for TWiT app by Jason Ferguson
Apple TV (2nd or 3rd gen)AirPlayOn Demandon demand under "Podcasts"; live only via AirPlay from iOS apps
Amazon Fire TVLIVEOn Demand99¢ Twit.Tv for Fire TV app by F-Con Software
KodiLIVEOn Demandfree TWiT plug-in for Kodi by divingmule
Samsung Smart TVLIVEOn Demandfree TWiT app
ChromecastChromecastonly via Chromecast-supported apps
Sony PlayStation 3PlayStationin the web browser, visit or
Sony PlayStation 4PlayStationin the web browser, visit
Microsoft Xbox 360Internet Explorerin the web browser, visit or
Microsoft Xbox OneInternet Explorerin the web browser, visit or


App NameLive or On DemandChromecast
Absolute TWiTLIVEOn Demand free app by Tony Porter
TWiT Live ShortcutsLIVE free app by Daniel Faust
TWiT UltimateLIVEOn DemandChromecast$1.49 app by Jacob Frazier
TWiT NetcastsLIVEOn Demand $1.49 app by Kevin Hausmann of Podcatcher Labs
TWiT-StreamLIVEChromecast$1.52 app by Tom Chisholm
TWiT CastLIVEOn DemandChromecast$1.99 app by Tragic Fruit - Requires a Google Cast device, such as Chromecast
BeyondPod Podcast ManagerOn DemandChromecastfree podcast app
Podcast & Radio AddictOn DemandChromecastfree podcast app
DoggCatcherOn DemandChromecast$2.99 podcast app
Pocket CastsOn DemandChromecast$3.99 podcast app


App NameLive or On DemandChromecast or AirPlay SupportInformation
TWiTLIVEOn DemandAirPlayfree app by ShiftKeySoftware
TWiTpadLIVEOn DemandAirPlayfree  iPad-only app by ShiftKeySoftware
TWiT-StreamLIVEChromecast AirPlay99¢ app by Tom Chisholm
YouTubeOn DemandChromecast AirPlayfree Google app
PodcastsOn DemandAirPlayfree Apple app
DowncastOn DemandChromecast AirPlay$2.99 podcast app
Pocket CastsOn DemandChromecast AirPlay$5.99 podcast app
TWiT siteLIVEOn DemandChromecast AirPlayfree mobile-responsive site siteLIVEAirPlayfree mobile-friendly site
TWiT Stickers  free stickers for iMessage by Patrick Delahanty

Windows Phone:

App NameLive or On DemandInformation
TWiT ViewLIVEOn Demand99¢ app by RLB Labs Media PlayerLIVEOn Demand99¢ app by IF-Zone


NameLive or On DemandInformation
TWiT Eastside StudioLIVEVisit our studio in Petaluma, CA and watch live in person!
Amazon Alexa devicesLIVEOn DemandTWiT Live and all shows available via TuneIn. TWiT's flash briefings are also available in the US and UK.
Air CanadaOn Demandavailable on select flights