The Lab Debuts April 23

The reinvented (and renamed) Call for Help debuts April 23 in Canada and Australia. Now that the show is out we'll start looking for US venues. No word on Internet distribution at this time.

TWiT, The Movie

The video from last week's TWiT is up. It's a huge 500MB file. Too big to put on a feed. You'll have to download it directly. Thanks for the bandwidth, Cachefly!
  • H.264 Video (suitable for AppleTV or Computer - Quicktime required) 482.61MB - Courtesy Cachefly

MacBreak's Back

When we split the site into two parts, and Pixel we planned on moving MacBreak, the video show, to Pixel and keep MacBreak Weekly, the audio show, here. But that seems to have created considerable confusion, so Alex and I have decided to cross post both shows to both locations from now on. The feeds are unchanged, as before, but if you want either show you can get them from either site from now on. Sorry for the confusion! Alex tells me there are three more MacBreak's in the pipeline - look for the

G4 Acquires TWiT

OK I guess I was too subtle - this is an April Fools joke. I haven't sold TWiT to anyone, least of all G4! I have some very exciting news. G4 Entertainment Inc has agreed to acquire TWiT in an exchange for stock and $1 cash. We've been in extensive conversations for the past few months, but I've been reluctant to say anything until today. Here's an excerpt from the G4 press release which crossed the wires a few hours ago: G4 CEO , Loof Slirpa, said about the merger, "The synergy between G4's smokin' hot babes and classic TV series, and the TWiTs high end tech knowledge will allow us to reach a vast audience of teenage boys and disaffected computer programmers."

The Lab With Leo

My new TV show, The Lab with Leo Laporte debuts in April, but I'm in Vancouver right now for rehearsals. Here's a short video of the new set we shot on Wednesday. Check out the on set live cam at Kate Abraham's behind the scenes blog (she's our call screener and chyron operator) is and our Free File guy and chase Producer Ryan Yewell's blog is, and there are photos on Flickr.

Learn the Secrets of the Podcast Masters!

Scott Bourne, Alex Lindsay, and I are putting together this seminar to share everything you need to know about creating online content. Whether you are producing audio or video, for phone, web, or mobile device...GMT is a guide to the gear, media, and tech you need to do this effectively. We'll be producing episodes of MacBreak and TWiT at the conference. Join us at the Zeum, March 28-30. The cost for this three day intensive is $299.

KFI Radio Show Is Being Syndicated

I'm pleased to announce that Premiere Radio Networks - the biggest radio syndicator in the US - has picked up my KFI radio show for syndication. We're signing up affiliates now, so ask your local talk radio station to give Premiere a call. KFI listeners: the show will continue exactly as always. There just will be a few more people listening in.