TWiT Live on your Roku

Our recorded TWiT shows have been available on the Roku for some time through the Mediafly TWiT app. As of today, I'm happy to announce that the UStream feed is now available through the app as well! Find the TWiT app by Mediafly in the Roku Channel Store to enjoy TWiT Live on your Roku today.

TWiT Edit Facility Update!


These videos have been made by our editors Jeff, Tony, and Alex. 

The Move to the New Studio!

Our very first show in the new studio will be SundayJuly 24th!

Leo will record The Tech Guy from the TWiT Cottage and immediately walk down to the new studio to broadcast TWiT. 

This gives us four weeks to pull it together -- exciting times at TWiT!

Food at the Cottage!

This has been a great week for food at the cottage. 

How Leo Takes His Coffee.

The TWiT staff learns from the knowledgeable Burke how to make coffee using the aeropress.

New Inside TWiT Videos.

The editors of TWiT have had some fun making videos for you. Enjoy!

TWiT presents "Super 8" in San Francisco!

JJ Abrams wants you to be the FIRST to see Super 8, and he has chosen TWIT to show it to you in SAN FRANCISCO!!

Please join us for a free early screening on Wednesday, June 8th at 11:00pm at THE CASTRO. There will be free popcorn and soda, and a chance to win a Super 8 prize pack! To RSVP, please go to and enter the password MINT.

Check out the trailer here:

Two Days of Amazing Coverage.

Over the next two days with all of the exciting announcements, WWDC and E3, we are re-shuffling the shows a bit. Here is the rundown for the next two days of exciting coverage. 

Times in bold are new or have changed. All times are Pacific time.