This Week in TWiT Nov. 19, 2011

Leo Leporte and Lisa Kentzell talk with the chatroom about the state of TWiT.

Topics: Review Show, Game On, What happend to the Gear Clock, Leo asks Chat what to get Hosts for Xmas, and none of your calls.

Game On! Beta Episode

This is a beta episode for TWiT's new gaming show Game On!

Simply the Best

Now that you've gorged on Halloween candy, it's time to start thinking about the holiday season. That means it's time for the annual Best of TWiT specials!

These will run between Christmas and New Year's and feature viewer-submitted selections for best moments from all of TWiT's programs this past year.

Head on over and fill out the form with your favorite moments. You can submit as many as you'd like.

Watch for your selected moments to run during the week of December 25-31, 2011.

TWiT Photo: Guest Quest

CreativeLive pioneer Chase Jarvis. NAPP President and No. 1 bestselling author Scott Kelby. Pulitzer Prize winner Vincent Laforet. Are you ready to take your place next to such industry legends?