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March 2, 2008
#134: Pave the Cow Paths

RSS evolves, Twitter vs. Pownce, Wikileaks, powdered hard disks, and more...

February 24, 2008
#133: Jonathan Coulton - Functional And Elegant

Jonathan Coulton and niche broadcasting, HD DVD finally kaput, YouTube goes down, frozen RAM and more...

February 17, 2008
#132: The Flexitarian

HD DVDead, Blackberry and Amazon S3 outages, the eBay boycott, Microsoft-Yahoo and more...

February 10, 2008
#131: G'Night Dad

Yahoo refuses, cloud computing, Pirillo goes Mac, the YouTube Grammys, Polaroid, encrypted movies and more...

February 4, 2008
#130: Microhoo?

The possible acquisition of Yahoo by Microsoft and other interesting combinations...

January 27, 2008
#129: Molly's Mullet

Charter says you've got no mail, MacBook Air, Windows 7, Sun-MySQL deal, Scoble punks Davos, Facebook opens up, Amazon's MP3s, and iPhone fuzzy math...

January 21, 2008
#128: MacWorld Boys

A very strange little show live from MacWorld Expo...