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April 27, 2008
#140: Loaded with Spam and Hookers

TWiT turns 3, majors report earnings, Microsoft-Yahoo, Twitter, Mesh, Clay Shirky and more...

April 21, 2008
#139: 4-TWiTty

Attack of the clone, Vista a work in progress, rickrolling is so over, XOverclocked, and more...

March 30, 2008
#138: The Innovator's Dilemma

Baggage blunders, Revision3 looks Foxy, the evolution of media and blogs, Safari on Windows, and more...

March 23, 2008
#137: Blogger Bob of the TSA

FBI's Ranchi rickrolling, Sony's Fresh Start, Intrading up, Blu-ray BD+ cracked, TSA QAs MacBook Air, and more...

March 16, 2008
#136: Dvorak Unzipped

Twitter and SXSW, CNET-Revision3, Facebook IM, Bebo-AOL, Microsoft-Yahoo, Yahoo Buzz, and more...

March 9, 2008
#135: Zuck This

Wiki-ethics, MIX08, the SWSX Zuckerberg interview, iPhone SDK, and more...

March 2, 2008
#134: Pave the Cow Paths

RSS evolves, Twitter vs. Pownce, Wikileaks, powdered hard disks, and more...