This Week in Google

Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani, Jeff Jarvis and their guests talk about the latest Google and cloud computing news.

Records live every Wednesday at 1:00pm PT/4:00pm ET.

December 20, 2009
#21: Love Your Scroll Bar

Android Listen, Huffduffer, a real Google phone, Schmidt and privacy, Yelp, and more.

December 12, 2009
#20: Boggled By Goggles

Google Goggles, cloud data portability, EtherPad, Google News, and more.

December 6, 2009
#19: I'm Feeling Lucky

EtherPad acquisition, a Google dictionary, Chrome extensions, realtime finance news, and more.

November 28, 2009
#18: The Grinch Who Stole Google

Google responds to controversial results, what Wave needs to win, and why Leo thinks it's OK for Google to own the world.

November 21, 2009
#17: Chrome OS

Chrome OS announced, less-than-free, Droid autofocus bug, gPhone, and more.

November 17, 2009
#16: We Need The Eggs

Online stalkers, Wikipedia fundraising, Droid, Google's Go, Chrome OS, and more.

November 8, 2009
#15: Google Throb

Gina lust over the Droid, Jeff joins Google's Data Liberation Front, and all your Google accounts in just one place.