This Week in Google

Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and their guests talk about the latest Google and cloud computing news.

Records live every Wednesday at 1:00pm PT/4:00pm ET.

March 20, 2010
#34: Live From Googaluma

We dissect the national broadband plan, talk about the Google Apps Marketplace, and make a pitch for Google Fiber in our little town...

March 13, 2010
#33: Three Bones

Leo, Gina, and Jeff meet up at SXSW in Austin.

March 6, 2010
#32 : Perky Jerky

Piknik, DocVerse, the Flash issue, the Apple's patent lawsuits, and more.

February 27, 2010
#31: Googorian Chant

Google slankets, Italy finds Google executives guilty for YouTube videos, and more.

February 20, 2010
#30: The Scoble Effect

This week on TWiG, data and internet security, China and Google, Android applications, and more.

February 14, 2010
#29: The Buzz Is On

The excitement and furor over the release of Google Buzz.

February 7, 2010
#28: Why 2010 Won't Be Like 1984

Nexus one gets multitouch, Maps gets some surprising new features, and we speculate about Google's Superbowl ad...