This Week in Google

Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and their guests talk about the latest Google and cloud computing news.

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May 8, 2013
#197: Getting Lucky with Glass

Gina has Glass, Google IO next week, Google getting serious about gaming, and more.

May 1, 2013
#196: Oppa Samsung Style

Hacking Glass, at look at the Galaxy S4, Google Now for iOS, and more.

April 24, 2013
#195: Hold Me Closer Tony Danza

Google's airport dreams take off, Google Buys Wavii, Glass is out, and more.

April 17, 2013
#194: Be Kind Rewind

Glass specs revealed, Glass devices coming soon, Eric Schmidt on Facebook Home, and more.

April 10, 2013
#193: Pixel Pusher

Google Babel News, Facebook's new weapon on Android, Google Fiber’s Next Stop, and more.

April 3, 2013
#192: Dead Pixel

Google finds way to filter robocalls, Chrome for Android, second-gen Nexus 7 tablet in July, and more.

March 27, 2013
#191: Ogooglebar

Sweden drops the word ungoogleable, Android unit reportedly building a smartwatch, Street View goes to Fukashima, and more.