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November 17, 2013
The Tech Guy 1032

Securing data on an SSD, PC laptop recommendations, sharing photos and videos online, and your calls.

November 16, 2013
The Tech Guy 1031

How to improve your WiFi signal, SnapChat offered 3 billion, travel alerts, which Android phone to buy, and your calls!

November 10, 2013
The Tech Guy 1030

A very convincing scam, Twitter's IPO, cell phone buying advice, using 2.5 inch hard drives in a RAID, and more.

November 9, 2013
The Tech Guy 1029

Best Android phone, home theater setup, holiday traveling tips, and more!

November 3, 2013
The Tech Guy 1028

Hands-on with iPad Air, connecting a gaming PC to HDTV, deciding between a tablet and Chromebook, and your calls.

November 2, 2013
The Tech Guy 1027

How to recover from Malware, printing from a phone, best computer for school, 4G phone recommendations, and your calls.

October 27, 2013
The Tech Guy 1026

The CryptoLocker virus explained, OS X Mavericks gestures, backing up voicemail messages, and your calls.