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January 10, 2007
#24: MacWorld After Dark We couldn't stop! The Macbreak, Macworld, after show.
January 3, 2007
#22: Here Comes MacWorld Expo Our predictions for MacWorld Expo and 2007, our resolutions, and one last (we hope) rumor round-up on the iPhone...
December 30, 2006
#21: Too Much Chocolate Dan Dilger joins Alex and Merlin to discuss Vista, Jogging with GPS, iLike, and crashing hard drives
December 19, 2006
#20: iPhone My Eye Leo swears at, and swears off, Gizmodo, features we'd like to see in OS X, and our Mac picks of the week.
December 14, 2006
#19: Live via TalkShoe Photoshop CS3 Public Beta, Content Creation Monopoly, iTunes music sales, Parallels coherence, Aperture update, iPhone rumors, this week's picks
December 7, 2006
#18: Swinging the Rubber Chicken New Parallels Beta, Nostalgia gamin' via dual boot, susperstition-based battery management...
December 2, 2006
#17: Beatles, Bugs, and More iTV more than streaming?, No iPods for North Korea, Universal wants $$ for iPods, and the Beatles coming to iTunes