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October 16, 2007
#62: Mac 404

Here comes Leopard, iPhone unlocked - again, and Apple drops the price of DRM free music...

October 9, 2007
#61: The Bouffant of Knowledge

Here we go again - 1.1.1 is broken, evidence Apple did not brick on purpose, and is that an iPod in your pocket?

October 2, 2007
#60: Another Brick in the Wall

Did Apple do it on purpose? the benefits of 1.1.1, and Gateway's iMac...

September 26, 2007
#59: We Will, We Will, Brick You

Apple warns iPhone unlockers, Vivendi wants more money, and Amazon launches its iTunes challenger...

September 19, 2007
#58: Repeal The Nerd Tax

Chris reviews the new iPods, screen issues with the Touch, and the trouble with ringtones...

September 13, 2007
#57: ET Ring Tone

iPhone ringtones, more unlocking news, and Apple looks at the 700 mhz spectrum...

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September 6, 2007
#56: The Beef Goes On

Live from a restaurant somewhere in Vancouver, we analyze the new iPod announcements...