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November 20, 2007
#67: Kindle-ing The Flame

Dissecting the Kindle, using an iPhone to annoy pilots, and fixing Leopard...

November 14, 2007
#66: Girls Gone Mac

iPhone 1.1.2 comes out and breaks the breaks, lightweight Mac rumors, and our software picks...

November 6, 2007
#65: Burn and Eject

Firewall issues in Leopard, the Move bug, and rumors of a Mac tablet...

October 30, 2007
#64: Hello Leopard!

What's new with Leopard, what's good, and what's bad...

October 23, 2007
#63: So Long Tiger

Apple's quarterly results make Scott weep with joy, 3rd party apps for the iPhone, and a Leopard preview...

October 16, 2007
#62: Mac 404

Here comes Leopard, iPhone unlocked - again, and Apple drops the price of DRM free music...

October 9, 2007
#61: The Bouffant of Knowledge

Here we go again - 1.1.1 is broken, evidence Apple did not brick on purpose, and is that an iPod in your pocket?