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June 29, 2014
#464: My Wi-Fi Muumuu

Aereo and cell phone rulings, Android Wear, emotion feeds, and more.

June 22, 2014
#463: All the Pretty Things

Nano tech now, Fire phone, self replicating machines, net neutrality bill, and more.

June 15, 2014
#462: Crazy Train

Houston hotspots, Tesla patent sharing, Internet necessity, and more.

June 8, 2014
#461: Leave Eugene Alone

Tech of 'Halt and Catch Fire'

June 1, 2014
#460: Drones Delivering Diapers

Auto-car, WWDC, Apple/Beats, TrueCrypt conspiracies, and more.

May 25, 2014
#459: Plaudits and Brickbats

Microsoft Surface Dead?

May 18, 2014
#458: Choose the Guy with the Helmet

Lawsuit truce, being forgotten, robotic car dilemma, 5 year antici… , and more.