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September 21, 2014
#476: Brain in a Jar

Apple gold, warrant canaries, Fire for kids, Larry Ellison's island, and more.

September 14, 2014
#475: Apple is Touching Me

Apple Watch, Microsoft and Mojang, end of MacWorld magazine, and more.

September 7, 2014
#474: I'm Too Sexy for My iWatch

Cloud security, Apple's agenda, end of Twitpic, and more.

August 31, 2014
#473: Weaponized Dirigibles

Virtual nausea, Uber vs. Lyft, smart phone kill switch, and more.

August 24, 2014
#472: Like a Fine Cheese

Cultivating Facebook, the new memory, music on YouTube, and more.

August 17, 2014
#471: It is Brisk

Apple's style, podcast anniversary, Twitter elitism, burgerbot, and more.

August 10, 2014
#470: Tainted Love on a Floppy

Black Phone, cookie panic, reverse Gruber, fiction empathy, and more.