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November 24, 2008
#170: Mile High Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi goes in-flight, Google changes its search, and PC Mag bites the dust...

November 16, 2008
#169: The Donkey Of The Week

Talkin' Tesla, BlackBerry-less presidenting, robot bidets, tech economy, and more.

November 9, 2008
#168: Dirty Pedro

G1 reboot, Google/Yahoo, McCain/Obama servers attacked, I'm a PC booth, and more.

November 2, 2008
#167: More TWiT Than You Require

Recap of Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference and "PC" John Hodgman.

October 26, 2008
#166: Toxic Tea Party

Mahalo and other layoffs, MSFT earnings, virtual murder, FOWA, G1 phone release, and more.

October 19, 2008
#165: The Dethinkulator

Britney Twitters, Apple's releases, LittleBigPlanet, Google G1 phone, and more.

October 12, 2008
#164: Release The McCracken

Apple's pending announcement, GeoEye, RealDVD banned, Android, Garriott's biggest launch, and more.