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April 28, 2009
The Tech Guy 554

Internet tax, a new Sidekick, Susan Boyle, Chris Marquardt's photo tips, and your calls.

April 20, 2009
The Tech Guy 553

Oprah joins Twitter, Pirate Bay creators convicted, Possible Zombie Macs, Scott Wilkinson on home theater, and your calls.

April 15, 2009
The Tech Guy 552

A look back at the computing revolution, Jobs still running Apple, Twitter gets hit by worm, and your calls.

April 13, 2009
The Tech Guy 551

GhostNet, electrical grid spying, girl's 20k texts, Time Warner bandwidth caps, Scott Wilkinson, and your calls.

April 8, 2009
The Tech Guy 550

Microsoft's "I'm a PC" advertisements, Time Warner download caps, Web 2.0 conference, Brian Brushwood, and your calls.

April 7, 2009
The Tech Guy 549

Conficker non-event, Scott Wilkinson on home theater, running Windows on Macs, and your calls.

April 1, 2009
The Tech Guy 548

Skype, digital espionage, Game Developers Conference, Chris Marquardt's photo tips, and your calls.