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No one does a better job of explaining technology, computers, and the Internet than Leo Laporte. This feed contains the full audio of his twice weekly radio talk show as heard on stations all over the US on the Premiere Radio Networks.

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June 8, 2014
The Tech Guy 1090

Uber raises $1.2 billion and your calls.

June 7, 2014
The Tech Guy 1089

Leo Laporte recaps Apple's announcements at the WWDC 2014 keynote.

June 1, 2014
The Tech Guy 1088

A future filled with drones?

May 31, 2014
The Tech Guy 1087

Is a Chromebook enough for a college student?

May 25, 2014
The Tech Guy 1086

Should you dump your landline?

May 24, 2014
The Tech Guy 1085

Amazon vs. publishers, and too much spam in Yahoo!

May 18, 2014
The Tech Guy 1084

AT&T to buy DIRECTV, best international data options, using password managers, Windows 8 drive encryption, and more.