this WEEK in FUN

August 1, 2009
#28: The Wicked Witch Of TWiF

Italian GPS blunder, cult-like startups, tweet libel, online dating, Megan Fox, and more.

July 28, 2009
#27: Money Well Spent

Broken space toilet, Japanese trains, same name marriage, a big credit card bill, and more.

July 20, 2009
#26: The Jesus Wrinkle

Pissed cops, drunk drivers, ATM pepper spray, Topless Nuns, and more.

July 14, 2009
#25: The Flaccid Lizard

Martin in SF Chronicle, Digital Rubik's Cube, dumb dictionaries, bad French tourists, and more.

June 30, 2009
#24: Swine Flu And Wine Screw

Web time strains marriages, porn scares kids, snack food for sex, and more.

June 22, 2009
#23: Baby Mama Drama

Employer privacy invasion, Google catches muggers, girl falls asleep while getting tattooed, and more.

June 16, 2009
#22: I Love Corn

Facebook name grab, Crunchberries aren't real fruit, prison time for underwear theft, and more.