Sarah Lane

Tech News 2Night

Sarah Lane is the host of TWiT's daily tech news update, Tech News 2Night.

iPad Today

Lane is the host of iPad Today along with Leo Laporte.

iFive for the iPhone

Lane is the host of iFive for the iPhone.

This Week in Fun

Lane previously co-hosted This Week in Fun with Martin Sargent; the show is available here. TWiF was broadcast every Friday, but has since been put on hiatus.

Green Tech Today

Lane hosted the TWiT Network's show on green technology called Green Tech Today with Dr. Kiki Sanford for the first two episodes before the show was redesigned.

Tech News Today

Lane was a co-host on Tech News Today (TNT).


Lane also made appearances on Net@night to talk about websites she finds interesting before Net@Night was rebranded to The Social Hour

She co-hosted Net@Night with Leo Laporte while regular host Amber MacArthur was on maternity leave.

The Social Hour

When Net@Night was re-branded as The Social Hour, Sarah replaced Leo and joined Amber MacArthur on the new show.