this WEEK in FUN

September 19, 2009
#35: Sarah And Gomorrah

Banana sex, Gollum, buttery bridges, man-eating birds, pee helps tomatoes, and more.

September 12, 2009
#34: Lightning Round Preview

Pigeon vs. Internet, spamless Middlesex, robbery dating, accidental porn, and more.

September 5, 2009
#33: Thunder Thighs Save Lives

Poo Girl, Burning Man, Google gets simple, Japanese Kit Kats, and more.

August 30, 2009
#32: Don't Glade Me, Ho

Jessica Biel malware, Internet people, Beyoncé, when cows attack, and more.

August 26, 2009
#31: Tech Is Hard. Let's Go Shopping!

Mindless Twitter babble, gamers are old and fat, briefcase toilet, old man attacks bad drivers with bricks, and more.

August 15, 2009
#30: Smells Like Comic-Con

Action figures, UFC training, Italian Lotto, Cuba's out of T.P., when otters attack, and more.

August 8, 2009
#29: Drunk In Public

Gaydar, Super Glue, lonely on Facebook, Nurse of the Year, and more.