this WEEK in FUN

January 18, 2010
#49: Hotties And Zlotys

Dating site ban, Weight Watchers floor collapses, sex doll stops suicide, street-walking taxes, and more.

January 4, 2010
#48: Just Shut The F Up

Robotic Christmas, BAC record, emergency ride, funeral home drunks, and more.

December 20, 2009
#47: A Little Crankin' And A Little Buzzin'

Texting your target, DWI obesity, a toilet restaurant, choir students at Hooters, and more.

December 12, 2009
#46: Have You Seen The Remote?

Very remote lodging, chewing gum, jailhouse pot, that's a lot of cheddar, and more.

December 5, 2009
#45: Keepin' It Dry

A virtual wife, Goodwill ganja, porno research, clean toilet seats, and more.

November 21, 2009
#44: They Were Just Turds

Daddy Klingon, Bug poo, Oprah ending show, ugly crime, bionic butt, and more.

November 15, 2009
#43: Sarah And Marty's Florida Vacay

Pothead calls 911, wedding brawling, fake kidnapping, self-identifying as a terrorist, and more.