The Social Hour

September 19, 2011
#26: Netflix vs. Qwikster, Facebook smart lists,, Cloo!

Amber & Sarah talk Netflix/Qwikster confusion, Facebook announcing music at F8, Erly's Colllections, Cloo for toilets on the go, & more!

September 12, 2011
#25: Revamping Delicious,, Codecademy, Twylah

Amber & Sarah have a plethora of services to try out this week, including Twylah, Codecademy, & Canvas. Plus YouTube founders resurrecting Delicious, Amazon book rentals, & more!

September 2, 2011
#24: Instagram for Android, Pinterest, Startup Founder DNA

Amber & Sarah on Instragram dragging their Android feet, Pinterest for inspiration, what common threads founders share, why women click on more Facebook ads, & more!

August 29, 2011
#23: Buffer's Joel Gascoigne & Leo Widdrich, Jig, Simplyhired, CityPockets

Amber & Sarah chat with the founders of Buffer on scheduling our social lives, to fill your needs, to make LinkedIn a job-finding machine, is Chatroulette for waking up, & more!

August 23, 2011
#22: Sonar with Brett Martin

Amber & Sarah chat with Sonar founder Brett Martin on the future of geo-friending, Skype buys GroupMe, Google+ starts verifying accounts, Loosecubes for co-working, The Ice Break for couples, & more!

August 15, 2011
#21: Un-Marketing's Scott Stratten

Amber & Sarah chat with Un-Marketing's outspoken Scott Stratten, Zaarly for deals nearby, Skillshare for learning, Heello for an alternate Twitter, & more!

August 8, 2011
#20: Guy Kawasaki Enchants!

Amber & Sarah chat with smiling social evangelist Guy Kawasaki! Plus, why real names online is a bad idea, the Kindle social network, the Twakeover revolution, & more!