FLOSS Weekly

We're not talking dentistry here; FLOSS all about Free Libre Open Source Software. Join host Randal Schwartz and his rotating panel of co-hosts every Wednesday as they talk with the most interesting and important people in the Open Source and Free Software community. Take a peek at the upcoming guests.

Records live every Wednesday at 8:30am PT/11:30am ET.

September 5, 2009
#85: LinuxCon

LinuxCon, the new conference for core developers, administrators, end users, community managers and industry experts.

August 29, 2009
#84: FoxyProxy

FoxyProxy, the Firefox extension that automatically switches an Internet connection across one or more proxy servers.

August 22, 2009
#83: Web Comics

A look at online comic strips...

August 15, 2009
#82: IronPython

IronPython, the Python implementation running under .NET framework, written in C#.

August 8, 2009
#81: OpenStreetMap.org

OpenStreetMap.org, the provider of free and royalty-free geographic data.

August 1, 2009
#80: ScummVM

ScummVM, a collection of recreated popular game engines made to run on new platforms.

July 25, 2009
#79: David Heinemeier Hansson

"DHH" talks about Ruby on Rails, 37Signals, and how he came late to coding.