Top News for May 12, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for May 12, 2014:

  1. You may have read recently about the failure on April 30th of the US air traffic control system, which suffered a glitch in the Los Angeles area after a U-2 spy plane flew overhead. The problem grounded or delayed hundreds of flights. This morning, ALWYN SCOTT and JOSEPH MENN posted an exclusive on Reuters that the problem was caused by insufficient RAM in the $2.4 billion system used by flight controllers. Read more at

  2. Google is testing a total redesign of Gmail. Russell Holly, who writes for the blog, got exclusive access to the trial design. In the apparently leaked images, tabs are gone, static menus are gone and Hangouts is fully integrated. Read more at

  3. The french toy drone maker Parrot unveiled a new product today called the Parrot Bebop Drone. It’s basically a flying camera, but includes new features like GPS for flying programmed waypoints. Read more at

  4. Federal Communications Commission Tom Wheeler has backed down from his plan to kill net neutrality in the United States, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. The new version of the proposal reportedly contains assurances that the FCC won’t allow companies to divide traffic into good and not-so-good quality connections. Read more at

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