Top News for March 31, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for March 31, 2014:

  1. Apple and Samsung are back in court today. Apple is accusing Samsung of violating five patents. Samsung is accusing Apple of violating 2 patents. What’s different this time is that four of the Apple patents are part of Google’s Android. So if Apple wins the case, it would force Google to change Android for all handset makers, not just Samsung. Apple is seeking about $2 billion in damages. Read more at

  2. The Supreme Court today will consider whether software is eligible for patent protection. But software that’s part of a user interface, like the patents in question today coincidentally in the Apple-Samsung case, would not be invalidated no matter what. Read more at

  3. We’ve been reporting on Turkey’s creeping crackdown on access to Twitter and YouTube. When Twitter was first blocked by the government there, a viral campaign of graffiti spread through the country with Google Public DNS information to get around the Twitter block. Then the government blocked Google Public DNS as well. Now, Google claims that Turkey’s government is redirecting Turkish traffic to fake Google Public DNS sites, presumably to log the IP addresses of anyone attempting to use them. Other DNS server traffic is being re-routed as well. Read more at

  4. Jeff Hawkins is one of Silicon Valley’s most brilliant inventors and entrepreneurs. He’s best known for inventing the Palm Pilot, which mainstreamed the connected PDA concept, which lead to the smartphone revolution. Although his company, Palm Computing, was ultimately mis-managed to death, everyone expected Hawkins himself to go on to keep inventing in the smartphone space. But then, about nine years ago, he made a radical change in his career and devoted his life to re-inventing computing itself. Read more at

  5. A Malaysian smartphone blog called soya cincau discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a hidden 'Baby Crying Detector' feature. It only works when the phone is paired with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch. When you leave your Galaxy S5 in the baby’s room, the watch will vibrate when the phone detects crying. Read more at

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