Top News for March 20, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for March 20, 2014:

  1. Another dual boot Windows-Android project has been killed. Chinese phone maker Huawei announced a dual-boot handset just last week. But now Huawei said they’ve cancelled their plans to launch the phone. Read more at

  2. Motorola design chief Jim Wicks spilled some details about the Moto 360 smartwatch we reported on Monday. He said Motorola decided to make the watch face round, rather than square, because its a culturally familiar shape for a watch, which he believes will make it more socially acceptable. Read more at

  3. South Korean schools are using an app-based system to restrict what students have access to during class to prevent distractions and cheating. They’re using an app called iSmartKeeper, which enables teachers to lock down phones in one of six modes, ranging from allowing only emergency calls to merely turning off specific apps. Read more at

  4. Another day, another messaging app. A new app called FireChat for iOS launches today. And this one has a couple of crazy features. Read more at

  5. Steve Jobs’ Luxury super-yacht has been spotted in Portugal. The 256-foot, iMac-controlled super-boat, which Jobs named the Venus, was the late Apple founder’s dream project since 2008. Jobs even commission the designer of Apple stores to make custom glass windows. This is the first Venus sighting in the wild. The yacht had been docked for years in an Amsterdam port because the designer hadn’t been paid yet. Read more at

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