Top News for June 4, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for June 04, 2014:

  1. Google’s Gmail supports encryption. But when a Gmail user emails someone using an unencrypted email service, the message isn’t protected. Up to half of all email sent to and from Gmail is unencrypted. To fix this situation, Google intends to start naming and shaming unencrypted email services as part of its periodic transparency reports. The company also announced a Google Chrome extension that essentially forces email recipients to use encryption. Read more at

  2. AT&T is dangling the promise of wiring 100 municipalities in 21 metropolitan areas with fast fiber to homes -- but only if regulators approve its proposed $48.5 billion acquisition of DirecTV. Confusingly, the company said that delivering its 1 gigabit per second service, which is branded as GigaPower, won’t impact the company’s capital investment plans for this year. Read more at

  3. Chinese state-owned media today lashed out at Apple, Google, Yahoo, Cisco, Microsoft and Facebook, saying that the so-called "pawns" of the US government should be “severely punished” for their participation in NSA spying on China, who they accuse of stealing trade secrets from Chinese companies. Read more at

  4. Google said yesterday that it plans to offer overnight delivery service, and also expand the areas covered by deliveries. The company has been making deliveries with its own fleet of blue and white Google Shopping Express vans in parts of San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. But Google said yesterday they plan to expand to cover a huge chunk of Northern California, from the Oregon border to Fresno, California, by outsourcing rural deliveries to other delivery companies. Read more at

  5. An Austin, Texas, startup called TrackingPoint is using Google Glass to let you shoot a rifle without looking down the scope. That means you can shoot around corners, sideways, backwards -- you name it. The company is best known for its Linux-based “smart rifles,” which can do neat tricks like not letting you pull the trigger unless you’re guaranteed to hit the target. They also have wireless scopes that can send what you would normally see through the scope to a remote phone or tablet. And now they let you do it with Google Glass. Read more at

  6. Are the Android Wear watches we’ve all been waiting for going to be ridiculously large? A recent post on the Android Developer Blog show two Google design and developer advocates wearing two Android Wear watches -- the LG G Watch and the Moto 360. The watches look just like the preview renderings we’ve seen. But they also look ginormous. Read more at

  7. Netflix is throwing its ISP partners under the bus in error messages. Recode published a screenshot showing a slow Netflix download, along with a message that says: “The Verizon network is crowded right now.” A Netflix spokesman tweeted that the message was just Netflix testing a way to keep members informed. But a Verizon PR guy called it a misleading and confusing “PR stunt,” and that Verizon was investigating the issue. Read more at

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